Dear everyone,

finally the moment has come. The registrations for the jubilee 30th IGSM 2017 are now OPEN! We couldn’t be more proud of our organisation team and more excited of what’s yet left to come!

Prior to registering, make sure you have everything covered. For that reason, we prepared a FAQ page and a Important dates and Payment page. Be sure to check them out!

Click here to register!

Also, we will be publishing the preliminary list of participants once the first 160 participants register, the earliest it being after the first 24 hours of the registration process, the latest Tuesday morning.

Your registration will be approved if you filled out the registration form correctly. Your registration (and therefore your place for this year’s IGSM) will be confirmed once we receive your payment (note: needs to be in the scheduled date!). If you fail to send the payment on time, you will lose your spot. So make a reminder in your calendar! 😉

Please fill out the registration form carefully and with fully provided info! Don’t rush while filling out the details as we won’t approve your registration if something is wrong.

We wish you all tons of success!

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