Dear all,

as we announced on our social media yesterday at 8PM (Facebook and Twitter), due to many page visits and reloads our server crashed. As written in the previous blog post, the registrations and the whole page are running on our manually built server which is located on our University. Since yesterday was Sunday, we couldn’t go to the University to fix the problem – but in the meantime the server restarted on itself. All of the registration we’ve received so far are invalid. We have sent an e-mail to all of the registered participants noting that they should apply again today at 8PM CET. Now the registrations are disabled!

Today we’ll be keeping our server company, giving it the moral support it needs 😀

If the problem occurs again – there is no need of informing us via e-mail, social media or other, as yesterday, we’ll know it exactly when it happens and this time will restart the server manually straight away – so please try to keep out of the Refresh option 😀 Also – the registration will begin no later and not before 8PM. The Registration Page will appear on the website at 8PM s-h-a-r-p!

Please do monitor our social media (Facebook and Twitter) for all the updates if the site crashes again – we will be announcing everything there. Throughout the day, we’ll try to come up with some other registration options and possible solutions and will post a decision on Facebook and Twitter before the registrations.

Also, all of the relevant dates are moved for one day (see: Important dates and Payment).

Thanks for your love and support, we apologise for the inconvenience and we’ll see you again tonight! 😀


P.S. We consider this server crash a compliment, so many of you wanted in! 😀 Thanks <3


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