Dear all,

Following our latest blog post and recent updates, as you already probably know, we have had some server issues. Further server testing showed that it is for the best if we do the registration process a bit differently as it, for some reason, fails to deliver and has issues loading the site when many page requests happen per second.

Therefore, we will do the next:

  1. The registration process will be done via Google Form.
  2. Nothing else about the registration process is changed!
  3. Google Form link will be published at Monday, 20 February 2017 at 8PM CET (GMT+1) on IGSM 2017 Facebook, Twitter and Website.
  4. Then the process will act the same – you will get an e-mail if your registration is approved (if your registration form is filled out correctly) and an e-mail saying your registration is confirmed once we have received your payment!
  5. After we have 160 (maximum number of participants) confirmed, we will send out e-mails to the participants for them to register via website (but not at the same time :)).

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