Hello to everyone! 🙂

Today is the last day of the first circle of registrations! We received so many registrations – we can’t be happier guys! We also received a lot of funny answers – we also like good beer and delicious food! 😀

But, we have to say… a lot of you who paid the registration fee didn’t listen to us and didn’t write the payment description, which is a key thing to write! All of the transactions for our Faculty come to the same main account and the payment description is by what we can differ your payments.

We will be so kind and not disqualify the people who disobeyed our instructions, but we hope others will learn from their mistakes. Please do write everything as follows:

Payment information

Bank address: Radnička cesta 50, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska
Bank account: HR92 2340 0091 5102 9720 6
VAT number: HR43594593297
Tax number: 18683136487
Recipient name: Sveučilište u Zagrebu Geodetski fakultet
Recipient address: Kačićeva 26, 10 000 Zagreb
Payment Description: MT184 IGSM2017, Name and Surname, Student/Senior Participation Fee

The deadline for payment is Monday, March 13th. If you fail to make the payment until that date, you will instantly lose your spot.

If the University will make one installment for all of the participants from the same UniversityIT IS MANDATORY THAT THE FULL LIST OF STUDENTS IS STATED IN THE PAYMENT DESCRIPTION!

Now that we have that out of the clear – let’s start talking about happier topics.

We will publish the first participants list on March 16th.

We will then hold second registrations circle, but with new dates: March 17th to March 21st. We will notify the applicants on March 22nd and the deadline for payment is Tuesday, March 28thFinal publication of participants list: March 31st 2017.


If you registered, got approved e-mail, but know you can’t make it to the IGSM, send us an official e-mail saying you are not able to attend the meeting. If you send it via Facebook or other, it is not viable. Please be respectful to the organisation team and all the participants.

Once again, if you did not received any kind of e-mail from us, you are on the waiting list

For the seniors – there is 20 spots for you in total, no matter the University – so your registrations are based on a first come first serve basis = in total!

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