Hey guys, so we thought we’ll clear some things out for you, so listen closely and carefully:

  1. Our financial account is a University account.
  2. Therefore, we cannot access it that easily and see who made the payments and cannot inform you did we received yours.
  3. In cooperation with our Uni accounting, we will check the payments from Tuesday, the 14th until Thursday, the 16th.
  4. We cannot send you an e-mail from Tuesday to Thursday saying you got in.
  5. On Thursday evening (if everything goes as planned) we will publish the list of participants from the first cycle.
  6. The day after the accepted participants will receive an e-mail with new instructions.
  • I’m afraid my registrations won’t arrive on your account in the given period, what should I do?

Don’t worry, to every problem there’s a solution, and this one is simple – just send us a Proof of Payment or some other kind of proof (if your University is paying for you then an official letter (digital, of course) from them that they will provide a payment for you asap etc.) until Monday 23.59h! Send it on our official e-mail: igsm@geof.hr!

Those who do not send any kind of proof and we do not receive the payment, will be disqualified.


We hope this is now much more understandable for you guys!

Cheers to all of you, happy weekend!

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