Hey everyone! It’s time we finally let you know where all of you will be staying during IGSM – it’s a student dorm “Marija Jambrišak” and the address is Opatička 14.

What we need you to do is: please send a mail to ana.babic275@gmail.com with the names of people you want to be in a room with, around what time you will be arriving to Zagreb and how (plane, bus, train…). If you won’t arrange staying together in a room with other participant(s) then just send information about your own arrival. Only one person sends the needed information about them and other participants they will be staying with! The policy is first-come, first-served.

The available room arrangment is the following:

– 9 rooms with 6 beds (56 beds)

– 6 rooms with 5 beds (30 beds)

– 14 rooms with 4 beds (56 beds)

– 2 rooms with 3 beds (6 beds)

If you need more information or have questions, please contact Ana at ana.babic275@gmail.com.

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